$0.41/cup – Cheapest K-Cups on the Internet! + FREE Shipping!

These are easily the cheapest K-cups on the internet. You can find all kinds of elaborate schemes with giftcards, sales, and clearance items that might save a few more cents, but these Kcups are ALWAYS sold at this price. They are compatible with Keurig coffee brewers, but the design is slightly different so this company does not have to pay royalties to Keurig, so you end up saving! Please enjoy. We are very excited about this deal.

Breakfast Blend – 80 ct. box - $0.41/cup
Fog Chaser - 80 ct. box - $0.41/cup

French Roast - 80 ct. box - $0.41/cup

Rainforest Blend - 80 ct. box - $0.41/cup


All available with FREE SuperSaver Shipping! Take advantage of these great savings!


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